Total Lifetime Care for Chimps

In a laboratory facility in Louisiana, seven baby chimpanzees were born, intended for lives spent in biomedical and scientific research. Like so many who had gone before them, there was little hope for a happy future.

Hope came in 2013, when these seven baby chimps were granted freedom and released with their mothers to Chimp Haven, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary, in Keithville, Louisiana. Founded in 1995, Chimp Haven was established to provide humane care for chimpanzees previously used in research, and to better educate the public about the need to protect these endangered great apes.

Arden, Diane, Jimmy, Mason, Onyx, Quilla, and Riley now have a safe, loving home where they are cared for by dedicated professionals. They are free to interact with each other, and play in a natural environment where they enjoy sunshine, grass, trees, and toys. They receive expert veterinary care, healthy diets, quality enrichment, and the mother’s love that they deserve.

With a life expectancy of 60 years or longer, and individual annual care costs averaging $20,000, each of these seven chimps represents an extraordinary commitment for the sanctuary. The National Institutes for Health (NIH) provides only partial funding for the chimps’ care; by law, Chimp Haven must raise the balance needed.

To ensure that the chimps will always receive high quality standards of care, AAVS has generously pledged to fund the lifetime care of these seven special babies. This campaign, Total Lifetime Care for Chimps, could not be more representative of what AAVS strives to achieve: ending the use of animals in scientific research AND ensuring their safe retirement to sanctuaries.

As a compassionate advocate, we know that you share this same vision and goal, and we hope that you will contribute to this special cause to help make a difference.

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