USDA files complaint against R&R Research

AAVS is pleased to announce that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a complaint against James Woudenberg, owner of R&R Research, a random source Class B dealer in Michigan who has been repeatedly cited for illegally obtaining dogs and cats to sell to research facilities. The July 18 complaint lists five violations of the Animal Welfare Act’s Protection of Pets section and corresponding regulations, and calls for both civil penalties and the suspension or revocation of the dealer license. Read the complaint PDF.

While the violations cited in the formal complaint are only from 2008, USDA inspection records reveal that this dealer has since violated the Protection of Pets section seven additional times.AAVS, with the help of members and supporters like you, has repeatedly urged USDA to permanently revoke R&R Research's dealer license.Thank you to all who took action!

Although AAVS is happy to hear this news, we must keep up the pressure to ensure that all random source Class B dealers are put out of business for good. Congress must take action and pass the Pet Safety and Protection Act!
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