The AV Magazine Launches Free Digital Edition

120-Year-Old Publication Covers Use of Animals in Science

Jenkintown, PA - The AV Magazine, a publication of the national education and advocacy organization AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society), launched its digital edition today, available at:

With each issue focused on a specific topic, such as animals in education, animal sanctuaries, or primates and science, the AV Magazine has long been a resource for serious animal protection advocates with concerns about the suffering of animals in experimentation. In recent years, the quarterly magazine has featured special double issues with reports and supplements showcasing original research and in-depth analysis. A 2011 report, "Primates by the Numbers," compiled data from FOIA requests of U.S. government agencies and included graphics revealing the use and transportation of primates for research. It was called "excellent" by a national science reporter.

"The AV Magazine offers a unique, informed perspective that derives from our years of experience working on behalf of animals in laboratories," commented AAVS President Sue Leary, and Executive Editor of the AV Magazine. "It's time for us to share it with a larger audience, especially now that there is a renewed public interest in animal testing, such as ending experimentation on chimpanzees and cosmetic tests."

The most recent issue, "World Congress on Alternatives," reports on 2011's leading international science and policy conference on alternatives to animal use in the life sciences. Crystal Schaeffer, Managing Editor, commented, "We're particularly proud of this issue which brings people behind the scenes of a pretty exclusive conference. We invited many different writers, but also highlighted how AAVS plugs in to the big picture."

AAVS has published a magazine since 1892, initially titled the Journal of Zoophily, produced jointly with the Women's Branch of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. AAVS founder and animal protection pioneer Caroline Earle White, who also wrote novels, was an Associate Editor. Ms. Leary said, "We're confident that Mrs. White would appreciate that more people will now have the opportunity to become informed on the issues of animal experimentation and engage as citizens and consumers in order to help animals."

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The American Anti-Vivisection Society is the first non-profit animal advocacy and educational organization in the United States dedicated to ending the use of animals in research, testing, and education. Founded in Philadelphia in 1883, AAVS pursues its objectives through legal and effective advocacy, education, and support of the development of non-animal alternative methods.

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Ending the Use of Animals in Science