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At the Eighth World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, AAVS's education division, Animalearn, cohosted the Multimedia Room (MME), an interactive exhibit showcasing education alternatives.

The MME offered a wide range of innovative humane science teaching tools in addition to a program of demonstrations in replacement methods offered by experts and alternatives' developers. The exhibition presented alternatives such as realistic models and virtual reality software from around the globe; ethically sourced plastinated dissected specimens from client-donated cadaver programs; manikins with breath and heart sounds; simulators for handling, injection, and intubation practice; and a self-experimentation apparatus for physiology practical classes, among other exciting tools.

Talk of the Town
The intention of the MME was to give a hands-on, practical opportunity to see and try technology, and provide a hub for discussion, networking, and sharing of resources and experience. Based on comments from Congress participants, it clearly filled that role!
"The 8WC was my first international Congress" and "coming from a developing country," it was very exciting to see alternatives that I had only previously "seen in photographs and video."

Liliana Ruiz, Student of Veterinary Medicine at the National Autonomus University of Mexico

"The MME "proved that good, quality alternatives can not only replace the harmful use of animals in all areas of life science education, from anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and veterinary medicine, but also outperform it."

Dr. Olivier Berreville, Biologist and National Contact for InterNICHE in Canada
"The MME is groundbreaking. Hundreds of conference attendees were afforded a first-time opportunity to witness the depth and breadth of engaging learning devices and models that are freely available."

Dr. Lynette Hart, Professor in the Department of Health and Reproduction at the University of California–Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
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