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AV Magazine: Why Monkeys Matter Why Monkeys Matter
Ethical concerns can't be ignored when it comes to primates in labs and the influences on their fate.
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AV Magazine: The Use of Primates in the EU The Use of Primates in the EU
While primates are used in research in Europe, the laws, regulations, and policies surrounding their use are different than in the U.S.
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AV Magazine: Primates by the Numbers Special Report: Primates by the Numbers
There has been a growing trend in the research industry's importation of nonhuman primates into the U.S. for use in testing and research. AAVS exposes the numbers, the participants, and the animal suffering.
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A Behaviorist's View
Behavior can give insights to the state of an animal's well-being. View Digital Magazine»

Chimpanzee Research & the Road to Retirement
An overview of chimpanzees in research and moving towards its end. View Digital Magazine»

Interview Profile: Shirley McGreal
Determined as she is dedicated, Dr. McGreal is making a lasting difference for primates. View Digital Magazine»

Interview Profile: John Gluck
A former researcher turned primate advocate, Dr. Gluck shares his unique perspective on nonhuman primates in the laboratory. View Digital Magazine»

What is Enrichment?
Though hard to define for some, enrichment is a necessity for nonhuman primate well-being. View Digital Magazine»

First Word
AAVS makes a promise. View Digital Magazine»

Allergan Will Reduce Animal Tests; Scientists Call for a Ban on Chimp Experiments; Animal Transport Leads to Monkey Deaths; New Mechanism Studies Brain Function; Class B Animal Dealer Shuts Down. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
ARDF Announces Grant Recipients; Animalearn's Humane Educator of the Year; Meet Hugo Naturals. View Digital Magazine»

Help animals retired from labs. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Member's Corner
Looking at primates in a new light. View Digital Magazine»
Ending the Use of Animals in Science