Decade of Advocacy

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AV Magazine: Campaigns for Lasting Change Campaigns for Lasting Change
The turn of the century has opened doors toward progress, as well as set new challenges for AAVS's work to end the use of animals in research, testing, and education.
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AV Magazine: Making History Making History
AAVS tackles the shortcomings of the Animal Welfare Act, which doesn't cover 95 percent of animals used in research and testing.
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AV Magazine: Pets Betrayed Pets Betrayed
AAVS exposes and documents pound seizure of dogs and cats, noting a decline in the number of Class B dealers.
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Biotech Cruelty
A look at the growth of a controversial technology and AAVS's work to end animal suffering. View Digital Magazine»

Animals Are Not Inventions
Two legal success, as AAVS challenges the practice of patenting animals as if they were machines. View Digital Magazine»

Humane Science Education Grows
Animalearn's leadership is evident in advocating for alternatives to the harmful use of animals in the classroom. View Digital Magazine»

Solution: Alternatives
ARDF promotes advanced technology and alternatives development to replace animals in labs. View Digital Magazine»

Cruelty-Free Progress
The Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certification program has grown by leaps and bounds. View Digital Magazine»

2010 Annual Report
Check out all our accomplishments from last year. We couldn't have don it without you! View Digital Magazine»

First Word
Hope for the future. View Digital Magazine»

GE Cows Produce Human-Like Milk; Safe Chemicals Act May Not Be Safe for Animals; Animal-Free Mental Illness Models; Great Ape Protection Bill Introduced View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
Peaceful activism, speaking out for primates, and teaching teachers. View Digital Magazine»

Help animals and foster compassionate students by supporting humane science education. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Member's Corner
A rewarding path to AAVS. View Digital Magazine»
Ending the Use of Animals in Science