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2011 Issue #1 Humane Education View AV Magazine Online Download PDF

AV Magazine: Animalearn Drives Excellence Animalearn Drives Excellence
Find out why Animalearn is a leader in serving the education community.
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AV Magazine: Overcoming the Dissection Paradigm Overcoming the Dissection Paradigm
A high school biology teacher overcomes barriers to incorporate alternatives from The Science Bank into her school's curriculum.
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AV Magazine: The Equuisimulator The Equuisimulator
An innovative veterinary alternative funded by ARDF.
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Virtual Dissection: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Your firsthand look at a frog dissection alternative. View Digital Magazine»

Connecting with Students
Bridging the gap between students and teachers. View Digital Magazine»

Dogs, Cats, and Education
A timeline of achievements from "Dying to Learn." View Digital Magazine»

A Tail of Paradox
Teaching conflicting messages about animals. View Digital Magazine»

Veterinary Training: A Report from Korea
Korea embraces innovation in humane science education. View Digital Magazine»

Interview Profile: Nick Jukes
A look at the growth of humane education beyond the U.S. with the Co-ordinator for InterNICHE. View Digital Magazine»

Helping Animals in Education
You don't have to be a student or teacher to help end animal dissection. View Digital Magazine»

First Word
Teachers can inspire; Animalearn can help. View Digital Magazine»

Reprieve for Chimpanzees, Canadian Animal Use Statistics, Companies Endorse Alternaties Initiative. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
Leaping Bunny grows, Animalearn published, ARDF Award, rescued animals receive gift. View Digital Magazine»

Help animals and foster compassionate students by supporting humane science education. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Member's Corner
Recollections of dissection dread. View Digital Magazine»
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