Animal Sanctuaries

2010 Issue #3 & 4 Animal Sanctuaries View AV Magazine Online Download PDF TABLE OF CONTENTS

AV Magazine: Sanctuary: Our Mission, Their Lives Sanctuary: Our Mission, Their Lives
AAVS supports sanctuaries that provide care for animals rescued from labs.
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AV Magazine: First Look at Freedom First Look at Freedom
A recount of elderly rhesus macaques, relinquished from a lab, arriving at a sanctuary.
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Sanctuary Means Home
Humans and animals alike find solace, refuge, and peace at the place they call home. View Digital Magazine»

Sanctuary Activists: Care, Education & Advocacy
Experience with rescued animals gives a unique perspective in advocating for their welfare. View Digital Magazine»

Interview Profile: Linda Barklay
What kind of person does it take to start and run a successful sanctuary? Meet Linda and find out. View Digital Magazine»

Interview Profile: Kari Bagnall
Kari discusses the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of operating a successful sanctuary. View Digital Magazine»

Special Section:
Sanctuaries: A Deeper Understanding

AV Magazine: The Journey Home: Recovery and Renewal in Sanctuary The Journey Home: Recovery and Renewal in Sanctuary
Rescued animals are transformed.
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Love Alone is Not Enough: Sanctuaries and the Capacity for Care
Good intentions without knowledge and finances can be a recipe for failure. View Digital Magazine»

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
The importance of accreditation in ensuring care for animals in sanctuaries. View Digital Magazine»

Laws on Exotic Animal Ownership
The unfortunate reality is that it is not difficult to find and purchase wild animals. View Digital Magazine»

Sanctuaries Beyond North America
The special needs of sanctuaries around the world. View Digital Magazine»

Great Minds think Alike: The New Field of Trans-Species Psychology and the Role of Sanctuaries
Understanding that animals feel emotional pain, just as humans, will help facilitate their healing. View Digital Magazine»

First Word
Sanctuaries change the lives of animals. View Digital Magazine»

Problems with Class B Dealers Exposed Again; Cosmetic Testing Ban in EU May be Delayed; Number of Research Animals Used in Europe Remains Consistant; Puerto Rico Acts to Stop Monkey Facility. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
ARDF 2010 Alternatives Research Grants; Animalearn goes to Korea; GE Fish are Sick. View Digital Magazine»

Help animals retired from research find a new life by giving to the Tina Nelson Sanctuary Fund. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Members Corner
Making a difference for animals one at a time. Plus: How to attract birds. View Digital Magazine»
Ending the Use of Animals in Science