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AV Magazine: Living the Life Living the Life
We can all do something to help animals, but we must be proactive in order for good things to happen.
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AV Magazine: Approach to Activism Approach to Activism
Inspiration and rejuvenation for animal advocates. An interview with founder Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
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AV Magazine: Most Good, Least Harm Most Good, Least Harm
Making compassion a way of life for others, animals, and the Earth.
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The Power of One
As individuals, we can and do have an impact, especially when it comes to cruelty-free shopping. We just need to act. View Digital Magazine»

Share a Talent, Share a Gift
Whether through hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents, there are many ways to make a difference for animals. View Digital Magazine»

Helping Yourself & Helping Animals
Our daily choices have an impact far beyond our own lives. View Digital Magazine»

A Calendar for Animals
30 things you can do to help animals every day of the month. View Digital Magazine»

How Big is Your Humane Footprint?
Check out our score card and find out. View Digital Magazine»

Raising Awareness
One mom doing simple things to raise a compassionate child. View Digital Magazine»

First Word
You do make a difference for animals. View Digital Magazine»

"Dog Dealer Days' May be Numbered"; Pharming Rabbit Milk; Cancer Study is Magnetic; Animal Welfare Editorial Policies?; Nanotech Alternative Unveiled. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
Humane Education Initiatives; Compassionate Shopping on the Rise; Pet Cloning is Not for the Dogs. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Board Member, Jeanne Bray, visits Jungle Friends, which has received AAVS Sanctuary Grants. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Member's Corner
Change your life to make changes for animals. View Digital Magazine»
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