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AV Magazine: Product Testing a Beginning to an End Product Testing a Beginning to an End
Where we've been. Where we are. Where we're going.
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AV Magazine: What's Cruelty-Free? What's Cruelty-Free?
Reading Labels can be difficult, but looking for the Leaping Bunny Logo is easy.
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AV Magazine: Laws and Animal Testing Laws and Animal Testing
An Interview with Sue Leary points out the influences that can help-or harm-animals.
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The Leaping Bunny Program
While other compassionate shopping list exist, only the Leaping Bunny can assure certified companies are truly cruelty-free. View Digital Magazine»

Tom's of Maine: A Brush Above the Rest
Putting ideals into action, Tom's challenged the FDA, and in a precedent-setting decision, was permitted to use a non-animal alternative to test its fluoride toothpaste. View Digital Magazine»

Reducing Animal Testing
Alternatives development is making great strides, especially in the areas of skin and eye safety testing. View Digital Magazine»

Product Testing: The Struggle in Europe
Animal testing bans mean progress, but not paradise, in Europe. View Digital Magazine»

First Word
Consumers can and do make a difference for animals. View Digital Magazine»

Update on Great Apes; Congress Acts to Crush Cruel Videos; Bias in Animal Studies. View Digital Magazine»

AAVS Action
$30,000 awarded for education alternatives; Humane Student and Educator Awards; and Leaping Bunny's high standards. View Digital Magazine»

For now and into the future, supporting alternatives development and AAVS. View Digital Magazine»

Special friends honored and remembered. View Digital Magazine»

Member's Corner
You can be an ally for the animals in every aspect of living! View Digital Magazine»
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