Ban Pound Seizure   Ban Pound Seizure
This horrible practice is a small, but troubling facet of the animal experimentation industry. MORE »
End Animal Cloning  

End Animal Cloning
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moved in early 2008 to let animal clones out of the lab and into the grocery store. MORE »

No Pet Cloning   No Pet Cloning
Despite the fact that 80 percent of the public is opposed to cloning companion animals companies still try to make a business out of selling cloned pets. MORE »
Compassionate Shopping   Compassionate Shopping
Unlike so many other animal abuses, the issue of using animals in product testing is one that ultimately rests with consumers. MORE »
Stop Animal Patents   Stop Animal Patents
Just like toasters, clocks, and other inanimate objects, animals are being patented as inventions in the United States. MORE »
Animal Welfare Act   Animal Welfare Act
On September 28, 2000, the USDA settled the suit and agreed to begin the rulemaking process to grant protection of birds, rats, and mice. MORE »
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