If you don't want to dissect, or if you just want to investigate dissection-related literature, books, videos, and other useful information, check out our resources.


Click on the links to download a pdf. Please e-mail us to request printed copies (free for teachers and students.)

Animalearn Resource Kit
This informational kit contains literature on alternatives to dissection, opportunities for cost savings, issues related to using animals in education, and our Science Bank catalog.
Available by request only

Dissection and Students’ Rights
This brochure is a helpful resource for those interested in ending the harmful use of animals in education. Summarizes students' legal rights, and contains ideas for action.

Student Advocate: Making a Difference for Non-Human Animals in Colleges and Universities
This booklet gives helpful facts and figures about non-animal alternatives and advice for students who wish to conscientiously object to harmful animal use in their courses.

Back Issues of the AV Magazine

Click on the links to download a pdf. Please e-mail us to request printed copies (free for teachers and students.)

"Scientific Strides of Innovation: Alternatives"
(Spring, 2005)

"Compassion in Action: Legal and Effective Tools to Help Animals"
(Fall, 2003)

"Reaching for the Future: The Evolution of Humane Science Education"
(Fall, 2002)

"The Cycle of Kindness: Humane Children for a Humane World"
(Winter, 2000)


The following books are available through Animalearn (except where indicated). Please e-mail us for ordering information or visit to place your order online.
  • Animals in Education: The Facts, Issues and Implications by Lisa Ann Hepner
  • From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse by Mihnea Chiuia & Nick Jukes
  • The Use of Animals in Higher Education: Problems, Alternatives and Recommendations by Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
  • Vivisection and Dissection in the Classroom by Gary Francione & Anna Charlton
  • Learning Without Killing: A Guide to Conscientious Objection by Andrew Knight (Animalearn does not currently carry copies of this book, but can provide purchasing information)


The following videos are available for purchase or loan through Animalearn. Please e-mail us for more information or visit to place your order online.
  • Alternatives in Education (InterNICHE)
  • Advances in Medical Education (PCRM)
  • Classroom Cutups (PETA)
  • Doglab (PETA)



Frogs Are Cool ­ Canada

International Institute for Humane Education (IIHED)

Learning Without Killing

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Share the World

Students Improving the Lives of Animals (SILA) ­ Student group of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Be Active for Animals
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