About Animalearn

Ending the Harmful Use of Animals in Education

Established in 1990, Animalearn is AAVS’s education department. Since then, we have been working hard to foster an awareness of and a respect for animals used in education. We strive to eliminate the use of animals in education, and we are dedicated to helping educators and students find the most effective non-animal methods to teach and study science. As a means to achieve this goal, Animalearn has created The Science Bank, our lending program of new and innovative life science software and educational products that enable educators and students to learn anatomy, physiology, and psychology lessons without harming animals, themselves, or the Earth. Our loan program has been offering products to thousands of people for over a decade, and has grown to be the largest free loan program of humane science alternatives in the United States. Animalearn also provides humane education curricula and materials free of charge for educators and students.

Animalearn's Programs

Animalearn provides a whole host of resources for educators and students at no cost. Our programs are suitable for a variety of educational levels, including K-12, college/university, and veterinary/medical. We offer humane education curricula and educational kits that cover issues ranging from dissection to product testing. Educators and students can also choose from a large variety of books, brochures, videos, and more, many of which are available for free. Additionally, our Science Bank is home to the latest in high-tech, animal-friendly educational technology for the classroom.

Animalearn Initiatives

Animalearn travels across the country to conduct free workshops for educators on how to implement our various programs and products in the classrooms, and we also deliver presentations to students and student organizations that are hoping to use or promote non-animal alternatives in their education. Additionally, Animalearn frequently delivers presentations to classrooms, which serve to foster an awareness of and a respect for animals and others. Animalearn conducts technology tutorials to help educators gain comfort with substituting alternatives to dissection in place of inhumane dissection practices.

Animalearn representatives will work individually with educators or students interested in adopting non-animal alternatives in their classroom. We will also assist students who are interested in creating student choice policies at their schools.
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