Our Approach to Helping Animals Used in Science

Each year, tens of millions of animals are subjected to laboratory experiments that routinely include—and sometimes intentionally cause—pain, suffering, and even death. Millions of animals are also sacrificed for educational purposes. While there are proven humane alternatives to the use of animals in research, testing, and education, animals continue to be viewed as expendable research 'tools' by many researchers and educators. AAVS works hard to alter this view.

AAVS accomplishes its mission by:
  • Educating students, teachers, scientists, legislators, and the general public with accurate, current printed and electronic material.

  • Providing students and teachers with alternatives to dissection in the classroom.

  • Providing grassroots groups with support and materials to proceed with anti-vivisection campaigns.

  • Initiating advocacy campaigns to stop the use of animals in research.

  • Publishing the AV Magazine and the newsletter Activate For Animals to keep our members informed of specific issues and how they can make a difference.

  • Providing support for conferences on topics related to our mission, such as non-animal alternatives, humane education, and animal rights.

  • Presenting well-researched and documented information to policy makers regarding vivisection issues.

  • Granting funds to applicants who are working on the development of non-animal alternatives, primarily through our affiliate, the Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF).

  • Providing media with current information regarding our campaigns.

  • Never giving up.
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