Planned Giving

"When it comes to the last hour of your life, it will be a great consolation to feel that you always protected the poor, the helpless, and the unfortunate; and that you exercised a particular care towards animals."
Caroline Earle White Planned Giving Options

The Caroline Earle White Society

When Caroline Earle White, founder of the American Anti-Vivisection Society, died in 1916, Robert R. Logan, AAVS’s President at the time, said of her: “The impression made on me by Mrs. White was this: that she was in the true sense of the word benevolent—well wishing toward all men and all living things. Not to gain applause, not to salve her conscience, but because she loved kindness and hated cruelty, she devoted her courage and energy to the defense of animals.” AAVS continues in this spirit today, and is dedicated to ending vivisection and all forms of cruelty to animals. Named for our visionary founder, The Caroline Earle White Society recognizes those who have made provisions for AAVS in their estate plans in order to continue our mission into the future. AAVS could not sustain our activities for the animals without the legacies we receive and we are deeply grateful for each and every one.

Planned Giving Options and Benefits

Providing for AAVS in your estate is a powerful way to perpetuate your legacy of caring for animals while helping us achieve our mission of ending the use of animals in science. There are a variety of planned giving options:

Bequest      Retirement Fund      Gift Annuity Life Insurance      Real Estate      Trust

When AAVS is made aware of these arrangements, you will be welcomed into the Caroline Earle White Society in recognition of your generosity and vital long-term support. Your commitment will be an inspiration to others.

There are many benefits to planned giving for both AAVS and the donor, including:

  • Reducing income tax
  • Providing additional income for life to you or a loved one
  • Ensuring that your specific wishes are carried out
  • Passing assets to your family at a reduced tax cost
  • Avoiding capital gains tax
  • Making a significant gift to a cause that is very important to you

AAVS has provided this information to assist you in understanding the many options available to you. However, this is not intended as legal advice, and we strongly recommend that you consult with legal and financial advisors to see which forms of planned giving are most advantageous and appropriate for your needs.

For information on planned giving contact Chris Derer, Director of Development & Member Services, at or 800-729-2287. When including AAVS in your estate plans or sending a donation, please use our legal title and office address: The American Anti-Vivisection Society, 801 Old York Road, Suite 204, Jenkintown, PA 19046-1611. EIN: 23-0341990.
Ending the Use of Animals in Science