Safe Cosmetics Act

Will Animal Testing Be Required for Cosmetics?

As an AAVS supporter, you may be aware that in the U.S., there is currently no law mandating cosmetic companies to test their finished products and ingredients on animals. However, with the introduction of the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act (H.R. 1385), there is concern that this may change.

A recent article published in the alternatives journal ALTEX, “Safety Evaluations Under the Proposed U.S. Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013: Animal Use and Cost Estimates,” warns that as many as 11.5 million animals could be subjected to animal testing if H.R. 1385 is enacted. Additionally, companies will have to pay for this testing, which is estimated to be between $1.7-$9 billion dollars over 10 years. Read a summary of the article.

Though the bill states that non-animal testing methods should be used when possible, the reality is that not all of the tests mandated under this legislation have non-animal alternatives available. Consumers, companies, and animals would be better served by focusing resources on the development of new test methods that would allow the rapid testing of cosmetic ingredients without the use of animals.

Although there has been limited support of H.R. 1385, it is still important to make your Representative aware of these issues. Tell him/her that instead of expending valuable resources on expensive animal testing, funding should be earmarked for the development of alternatives that are likely quicker and more cost effective.

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