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Dissection is Cruel, Not Cool

Animalearn needs your help to take a stand against cruelty! Microsoft ran a full-page ad, “Slippery Assignment,” in major newspapers, making light of a cruel dissection lab. The ad pictures a grinning student taking a video with his mobile device of a dissected frog, jokingly called Señor Frog.

Animalearn urges you to tell Microsoft that dissection is cruel, not a laughing matter. Ironically, computer giant Microsoft ought to be showcasing the innovative educational technologies that provide excellent alternatives to dissection, such as Digital Frog and Froguts, to name only two.

Dissection is a problem, not a joke. Millions of animals are unnecessarily killed for dissection labs. In a review of U.S. government import records, Animalearn found that in 2012 alone, over 300,000 wild caught frogs were captured in Mexico for a single biological supply company, transported to the U.S., and killed for use in science education labs in American schools.

Why cut out dissection?
1. Schools can save $$. Humane dissection alternatives can be used year after year.

2. Hundreds of innovative teaching tools exist. Sophisticated mobile apps, computer software programs, DVDs, models, and simulators are available from free loan programs such as Animalearn’s The Science Bank.

3. Humane alternatives are effective. Studies show that students who use dissection alternatives perform just as well as or better than students who participate in traditional dissection.

4. Toxic chemicals. Children exposed to formaldehyde risk damage to the eyes and skin, bronchitis, and asthma attacks. Careless or irresponsible disposal of these preservatives, or animal remains, can contaminate water and soil and potentially harm wildlife.

5. Biology should be the study of life! Biology should teach respect for life, not devalue it by treating sentient beings as disposable objects.

Please send a message to Microsoft, asking them to stop using advertisements that claim that a cruel frog dissection is “the best sophomore bio project ever.”

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