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Congress Must Say NO to Pets Sold for Research

In the U.S., we share our homes with 144 million dogs and cats, and many of us consider them part of our families. We could never imagine them being used in experiments, yet it is the alarming reality for some former companion animals. They are collected from shelters, or individuals like breeders and hunters, by random source Class B dealers and then sold to laboratories. Thankfully, the Pet Safety and Protection Act, legislation that would ban random source Class B dealers, was re-introduced in the House of Representatives.

It’s time for Congress to take action and keep former pets out of labs!

Members of Congress need to know that dogs and cats caught in the middle of Class B dealer business may once have been someone’s pet, accustomed to having human companionship. But their lives are turned from family members to laboratory commodities as they are forced to live in cages, without the comforts of home.

Random source Class B dealers have a long history of Animal Welfare Act violations, including failure to maintain proper living environments and provide adequate veterinary care. Random source dealer records needed to confirm that an animal was legally obtained, are sometimes incomplete, making it difficult to determine if a dog or cat is lost or stolen. Because of these re-occurring failures, random source Class B dealers are inspected four times a year, draining the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) of valuable resources. Additionally, many in the research community, including the National Institutes of Health, believe that dogs and cats from random source dealers are not necessary for research.

While progress has been made in stopping random source Class B dealers, but only Congress can completely eliminate them. The Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 2224) would ban random source Class B dealers! Urge your Representative to help protect our pets by supporting this important bill.

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