USDA Files Complaint Against R&R Research

Another Dealer Illegally Obtains Animals

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As AAVS supporters may be aware, random source Class B dealers have a long history of violating animal welfare laws. One example is Robert Perry, a random source dealer who has been cited repeatedly, including three times for illegally acquiring animals. Such action is in violation of the Protection of Pets section of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), which calls for the license of any random source dealer violating this clause three or more times to be revoked.

Another dealer, R&R Research, has also been cited several times for acquiring animals illegally, and following an investigation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) filed a formal complaint against the dealer. Since 2009, AAVS and its members have urged the agency to enforce the law in the case of R&R, which is alleged in this complaint to have obtained four dogs and one cat “from a source that the regulations do not permit the respondent to utilize as a source…in willful violation” of the AWA. Random source dealers can legally obtain animals only from limited sources, such as individuals who have bred and raised them on their property or shelters, where the majority of dogs and cats are former pets.

Random source Class B dealers have a long history of failing to meet animal welfare standards, and four of the seven dealers currently operating are under investigation for violating the AWA. Passed specifically to deter pet theft and to prevent lost companion animals from being sold to research, the AWA was inspired by the story of Pepper, a Dalmatian who was stolen from her family, sold to a lab, and killed. USDA is mandated to uphold the integrity of the Animal Welfare Act, yet has not been effective in doing so, according to a Government Accountability Office report issued in 2010.

We must continue to push for strict law enforcement against random source Class B dealers with repeat violations. But we need your help!

Please use the form below to contact USDA to thank the agency for pursuing action against R&R Research. Also, urge USDA to ensure the well-being and safety of dogs and cats by revoking Robert Perry’s random source Class B dealer license, action which is consistent with the AWA.

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