Class B Dealer Animal Cruelty and USDA Failures Revealed

It is time for both Congress and the USDA to Protect our Pets!

On May 19, Wood TV 8, a local Grand Rapids, Michigan news station, ran an excellent investigative report entitled “Who is Policing Animal Safety?”, which focused on R&R Research, a random source Class B dealer selling dogs and cats to research facilities that has violated the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) multiple times, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) failure to close it down.

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Who is policing animal safety?:

This investigative report reinforces what AAVS and animal advocates have long known: random source Class B dealers profit from animal suffering. Perhaps the most notorious Class B dealer currently operating is R&R Research. On June 7, R&R was cited for illegally obtaining animals for the 8th time! The Protection of Pets section of the AWA gives USDA the authority to permanently revoke the license of any random source Class B dealer that illegally acquires an animal three or more times, yet it has failed to do so.

The USDA is charged by Congress to uphold the integrity of the AWA, yet it refuses to penalize R&R for its repeated, blatant animal welfare violations. We need your help to end this injustice!

AAVS is renewing its call for USDA to revoke the license of R&R Research. Furthermore, we are asking that the Pet Safety and Protection Act, legislation that would end the notorious Class B dealer business, be re-introduced in Congress.

It is time for both Congress and the USDA to Protect our Pets!

What you can do!
Please use the form below to contact Chester Gipson, DVM, the Deputy Administrator of Animal Care at USDA, and ask that the agency immediately revoke R&R Research’s Class B dealer license. Remind USDA that R&R has repeatedly committed serious AWA violations.

Please contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to spare America’s former pets from a life in research laboratories by supporting the re-introduction of the Pet Safety and Protection Act legislation that would ban random source Class B dealers.

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